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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Marco Vassi, 10 books
Patrick Califia-Rice, 8 books
Anaïs Nin, 8 books
Cecilia Tan, 7 books
Erin McCarthy, 6 books
Simon Sheppard, 5 books
B. Madame, 5 books
Lori Foster, 4 books
Jaid Black, 4 books
Carol Taylor, 4 books
Robbi Sommers, 4 books
Lora Leigh, 4 books
Joan Elizabeth Lloyd, 4 books
Red Jordan Arobateau, 4 books
Zane, 4 books
Maggie Shayne, 3 books
Janelle Denison, 3 books
Christian, M., 3 books
Harrison, Kenneth, 3 books
Susie Bright, 3 books
Gardner R. Dozois, 3 books
Don Winslow, 3 books
Lonnie Barbach, 3 books
Larry Townsend, 3 books
Sean Wolfe, 3 books


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