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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nora Roberts, 13 books
Lori Foster, 9 books
Delores Fossen, 8 books
Brenda Jackson, 8 books
MaryJanice Davidson, 8 books
Debbie Macomber, 8 books
Maureen Child, 8 books
Nora Roberts, 8 books
Janet Dailey, 7 books
Catherine Mann, 6 books
Fern Michaels, 6 books
Kathie DeNosky, 5 books
Charlene Sands, 5 books
Michelle Celmer, 5 books
Danielle Steel, 5 books
Grace Livingston Hill Lutz, 5 books
Deborah Cole, 5 books
Kristi Gold, 4 books
Katherine Garbera, 4 books
Susan Meier, 4 books
Raye Morgan, 4 books
Rachel Lee, 4 books
Barbara Dunlop, 4 books
Kristin Billerbeck, 4 books
Wanda E. Brunstetter, 4 books


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