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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mary Balogh, 21 books
Edith Layton, 20 books
Marion Lennox, 20 books
Edward J. O'Brien, 20 books
Diane Gaston, 19 books
Barbara Metzger, 19 books
Betty Neels, 19 books
Carla Kelly, 18 books
Zoey Xolton, 18 books
Sandra Heath, 15 books
Amanda McCabe, 14 books
Mary Brendan, 13 books
Christine Merrill, 12 books
Louise Allen, 12 books
Cindar Harrell, 12 books
Charlene Sands, 11 books
Elizabeth Rolls, 11 books
Marguerite Kaye, 11 books
Nicola Cornick, 10 books
Alice Holden, 10 books
Bronwyn Scott, 10 books
Fanni Sütő, 10 books
Meredith Webber, 9 books
Lucy Clark, 9 books
Paula Marshall, 9 books


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