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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard Labonte, 32 books
Joseph Hansen, 26 books
Shane Allison, 20 books
Richard Labonté, 19 books
John Patrick, 18 books
Winston Leyland, 17 books
Mark Richard Zubro, 15 books
Christopher Trevor, 13 books
Andrew Grey, 13 books
Greg Herren, 11 books
Kyle Cicero, 11 books
Rob Rosen, 10 books
John Butler, 10 books
Eric Summers, 9 books
Wade Wright, 8 books
Christopher Bram, 8 books
Sean Michael, 8 books
Gengoroh Tagame, 8 books
Sean Michael, 8 books
Amy Lane, 7 books
Felice Picano, 7 books
Makoto Tateno, 7 books
Youka Nitta, 7 books
Lew Bull, 7 books
Michael Nava, 7 books