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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Arthur Rimbaud, 42 books
Claude Jeancolas, 9 books
Etiemble, 8 books
Ernest Delahaye, 8 books
Cecil Arthur Hackett, 7 books
Marcel Coulon, 7 books
Brunel, Pierre., 6 books
Louis Forestier, 5 books
Jean Marie Carré, 5 books
Antoine Fongaro, 5 books
Enid Starkie, 4 books
Françoise d' Eaubonne, 4 books
Wallace Fowlie, 4 books
Henri Matarasso, 4 books
Alain Borer, 4 books
Jean-Jacques Lefrère, 4 books
Roger Munier, 4 books
Pierre Petitfils, 3 books
François Ruchon, 3 books
Paterne Berrichon, 3 books
Jean-Jacques Lefrère, 3 books
Gérard Bayo, 3 books
Salah Stétié, 3 books
Émilie Noulet, 3 books
Steve Murphy, 3 books


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