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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Retro Comic Reprints, 509 books
Gwandanaland Comics, 296 books
Brian Muehl, 218 books
Insight Editions, 95 books
Various, 62 books
Stan Lee, 62 books
Brian Michael Bendis, 57 books
Kazuo Koike, 54 books
Garth Ennis, 54 books
Chris Claremont, 44 books
Roy Thomas, 44 books
Chazak, 43 books
Stan Sakai, 40 books
DENPA, 39 books
Nct-127, 38 books
Michael Frizell, 38 books
Warren Ellis, 37 books
Josh Blaylock, 35 books
Bill Willingham, 32 books
Goseki Kojima, 32 books
Gilbert Hernandez, 32 books
24 x 4, 31 books
Aneko Yusagi, 30 books
Will Eisner, 28 books
David Goldberg, 28 books