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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Simon Dubnow, 7 books
Samuel Ettinger, 4 books
Raphael Mahler, 4 books
Howard Morley Sachar, 4 books
Jacob Katz, 3 books
S. Almog, 2 books
Ephraim Shmueli, 2 books
Michael Brenner, 2 books
Hannah Arendt, 2 books
Menaḥem Ḳedem, 2 books
Abraham J. Edelheit, 2 books
Aaron Izgur, 2 books
Yehuda Bauer, 2 books
Ismar Elbogen, 2 books
Bryan Cheyette, 2 books
Laura Marcus, 2 books
Benjamin Pinkus, 2 books
Benno Jacob, 1 book
Grayzel, Solomon, 1 book
Todd M. Endelman, 1 book
Israel Oppenheim, 1 book
Yoram Peri, 1 book
Mosheh Lifshits, 1 book
Fernando Levisky, 1 book
James William Parkes, 1 book


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