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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ishige, Naomichi, 27 books
Massimo Montanari, 24 books
Holly Hughes, 19 books
Clive Gifford, 16 books
Lan Cai, 15 books
Jiao, Tong, 14 books
National Cancer Institute (U.S.), 12 books
Polly Goodman, 12 books
Geneen Roth, 12 books
Michael Pollan, 12 books
Matthew Locricchio, 11 books
Joan Peterson, 11 books
Nobuo Harada, 11 books
Sue Townsend, 11 books
Canada. Dept. of National Health and Welfare. Nutrition Canada., 11 books
Yŏng-ha Chu, 11 books
Sang-bo Kim, 10 books
Weijun Yao, 10 books
Carole Counihan, 10 books
Caroline Young, 9 books
Sylvia Goulding, 9 books
Suk-cha Yun, 9 books
Sadao Shōji, 9 books
Mireille Guiliano, 8 books
John Robbins, 8 books


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