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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bob Flaws, 34 books
Huang, Sanyuan., 11 books
Zhongjing Zhang, 11 books
Hung-yüan Hsü, 11 books
Mingquan Peng, 9 books
Hua, Tuo, 8 books
Unschuld, Paul U., 7 books
Nan Li, 7 books
Lin, Huizhen., 6 books
Giovanni Maciocia, 6 books
Xu, Hongyuan., 5 books
Manfred Porkert, 5 books
Chun Hŏ, 5 books
Mototane Taki, 5 books
Huard, Pierre., 5 books
Heling Cen, 5 books
Subhuti Dharmananda, 5 books
Hoàng, Bảo Châu., 5 books
Hải Thượng Lãn Ông, 4 books
Zhu, Zhenheng, 4 books
Wu, Tang, 4 books
Reid, Daniel P., 4 books
Henry C. Lu, 4 books
Friedrich Wallner, 4 books
Chae-yong Sin, 4 books


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