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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Felix Mann, 9 books
J. R. Worsley, 8 books
Denis Lawson-Wood, 6 books
Jacques A. Lavier, 6 books
Gabriel Stux, 6 books
Rubin, Maurice., 5 books
Maurice Mussat, 4 books
George A. Ulett, 4 books
Pyŏng-guk Yi, 4 books
Bai, Xinghua, 4 books
James Tin Yau So, 3 books
Frank Z. Warren, 3 books
Serizawa, Katsusuke, 3 books
Homer Cheng, 3 books
J. Borsarello, 3 books
Bruce Pomeranz, 3 books
Baiceng Lou, 3 books
Joseph M. Helms, 3 books
Shanghai Zhong yi xue yuan, 3 books
Yong-gyu Yi, 3 books
Dianne M. Connelly, 3 books
Jeremy Ross, 3 books
Yoshio Manaka, 3 books
G. T. Lewith, 3 books
Mark Seem, 3 books


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