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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Michael Reed Gach, 7 books
Chris Jarmey, 6 books
Michael Blate, 5 books
Shizuko Yamamoto, 5 books
Frances M. Tappan, 5 books
Yasuhiko Igarashi, 5 books
Roger Dalet, 4 books
Pedro Chan, 4 books
Tōru Namikoshi, 4 books
Carola Beresford-Cooke, 4 books
Iona Teeguarden, 3 books
Shizuto Masunaga, 3 books
Bonnie Pendleton, 3 books
Li, Guang., 3 books
Frank R. Bahr, 3 books
Elaine Liechti, 3 books
Cathryn Bauer, 3 books
Wataru Ohashi, 3 books
J. V. Cerney, 3 books
Changxin Wu, 3 books
Shuhui Qiu, 3 books
Howard D. Kurland, 2 books
Oliver Cowmeadow, 2 books
Ellen W. Cutler, 2 books
Jack Forem, 2 books


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