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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mark A. Thurston, 17 books
Jess Stearn, 10 books
Harmon Hartzell Bro, 10 books
Kevin J. Todeschi, 9 books
Edgar Cayce, 9 books
William A. McGarey, 7 books
John Van Auken, 7 books
David McMillin, 6 books
Hugh Lynn Cayce, 5 books
Edgar Evans Cayce, 5 books
W. H. Church, 5 books
Mary Ellen Carter, 4 books
Per A. Madsen, 4 books
Thomas Sugrue, 4 books
Noel Langley, 3 books
Kirk Nelson, 3 books
Elsie Sechrist, 3 books
Jeanette M. Thomas, 3 books
Ryūhō Ōkawa, 3 books
Reed, Henry, 3 books
Herbert B. Puryear, 3 books
Dorothée Kœchlin de Bizemont, 3 books
James Bjornstad, 2 books
Gina Cerminara, 2 books
Istvan Fazekas, 2 books