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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Michel de Nostredame, 14 books
Jean-Charles de Fontbrune, 8 books
Dolores Cannon, 5 books
John Hogue, 4 books
Michel Chomarat, 4 books
Fontbrune Dr. de, 3 books
Dave Duncan, 3 books
Jean Aimé de Chavigny, 3 books
Georges Dumézil, 2 books
Richard Smoley, 2 books
David Ovason, 2 books
Stephen Skinner, 2 books
Bernie Ward, 2 books
Millie Ridge, 2 books
Mario Reading, 2 books
Manfred Böckl, 2 books
J. H. Brennan, 2 books
Michel Chomarat, 2 books
Tony Doft, 2 books
Peter Lemesurier, 2 books
Vlaicu Ionescu, 2 books
Valerio Evangelisti, 2 books
Erika Cheetham, 2 books
Louis Schlosser, 1 book
Alexis Jovial, 1 book


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