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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ariel Books, 393 books
Sydney Omarr, 127 books
Trish MacGregor, 87 books
Joseph Polansky, 84 books
William Lilly, 69 books
John Woodhouse, 68 books
John Gadbury, 60 books
Llewellyn Publications, 52 books
Teri King, 45 books
William Dade, 42 books
Rick Levine, 41 books
Edward Pond, 41 books
Margarete Beim, 39 books
Thomas Trigge, 38 books
Dadhichi Toth, 38 books
Andrews, William, 37 books
Carol Tonsing, 35 books
Jeff Jawer, 33 books
George Rose, 33 books
Noel Tyl, 32 books
Henry Coley, 29 books
Derek Parker, 28 books
Jillian Wintersteen, 28 books
Rebecca Reitz, 28 books
Jonathan Dove, 27 books


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