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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lazaris, 10 books
Fox, Matthew, 9 books
Aurobindo Ghose, 8 books
John Ortberg, 8 books
Peny North, 8 books
Leo Booth, 8 books
Ilia Delio, 7 books
Louis Bouyer, 7 books
Nataša Pantović Nuit, 7 books
Osho, 6 books
Philip Sheldrake, 6 books
Sylvia Browne, 6 books
Paul Ferrini, 6 books
Charles F. Stanley, 5 books
Segundo Galilea, 5 books
M. Basil Pennington, 5 books
Kenneth Leech, 5 books
Elisabeth Behr-Sigel, 5 books
Jean Leclercq, 4 books
J. de Guibert, 4 books
Aberjhani, 4 books
Max Lucado, 4 books
Ursula King, 4 books
Teresa of Avila, 4 books
Maria Jaoudi, 4 books


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