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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kitty Bickford, 49 books
Margaret Lawing, 48 books
Poetose Press, 28 books
Iain Williamson, 24 books
R'tor Maghuyop, 24 books
Mike Dooley, 9 books
Louise L. Hay, 9 books
Becca Anderson, 9 books
David H. Barlow, 8 books
Will Bowen, 7 books
Napoleon Hill, 7 books
Rose Rosetree, 6 books
Patti Digh, 6 books
Wayne Weiten, 5 books
Deepak Chopra, 5 books
Gary M. Douglas, 5 books
Laine Cunningham, 5 books
Walter Riso, 4 books
Alice Miller, 4 books
Jerry Dorsman, 4 books
Will Ferguson, 4 books
Kate Allan, 4 books
Michael Heppell, 4 books
Melody Beattie, 4 books
Mary Ellen Copeland, 4 books


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