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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Irb Media, 109 books
James C. Dobson, 17 books
Dr. Kevin Leman, 17 books
Gary Ezzo, 16 books
William Sears, 16 books
Ross Campbell, 15 books
Jane Rae, 15 books
Linda Eyre, 14 books
Steve Biddulph, 14 books
Jim Fay, 14 books
Gary Smalley, 13 books
Marc H. Bornstein, 13 books
Gina Ford, 12 books
Benjamin Spock, 12 books
H. Norman Wright, 12 books
John K. Rosemond, 12 books
Judy Ford, 11 books
Daniel J. Siegel, 11 books
Elizabeth Crary, 11 books
Kristen Samuelson, 10 books
Dana Regan, 10 books
Adele Faber, 10 books
Vicki Courtney, 9 books
Sheila Ellison, 9 books


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