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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ron Taffel, 5 books
Walt Mueller, 5 books
Kenneth R. Ginsburg, 5 books
Rosalind Wiseman, 5 books
William L. Coleman, 4 books
Jay Kesler, 4 books
Dr. Kevin Leman, 4 books
Anne-Marie Ambert, 4 books
Michael Riera, 4 books
Mark Gregston, 4 books
Ross Campbell, 3 books
Cliff Schimmels, 3 books
Judy Ford, 3 books
Anthony E. Wolf, 3 books
Rodney Gage, 3 books
Peterson, Eugene H., 3 books
Dinkmeyer, Don C., 3 books
Susie Shellenberger, 3 books
Laurence D. Steinberg, 3 books
Adele Faber, 3 books
June Hunt, 3 books
Sanders, Bill, 3 books
Liz Carpenter, 3 books
Kevin Huggins, 3 books
Suwei Lu, 3 books


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