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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Cathy Hopkins, 46 books
Francine Pascal, 45 books
Karen McCombie, 35 books
Rumiko Takahashi, 22 books
Annie Bryant, 22 books
V. C. Andrews, 21 books
Maki Minami, 15 books
Cecily Von Ziegesar, 14 books
Ken Akamatsu, 14 books
Hayley DiMarco, 14 books
Naoko Takeuchi, 14 books
Arina Tanemura, 14 books
Miki Aihara, 14 books
Susie Shellenberger, 14 books
Karuho Shiina, 14 books
Louise Rennison, 13 books
Yukiya Sakuragi, 13 books
Andrea Stephens, 13 books
Robin Wasserman, 12 books
Meg Cabot, 12 books
Rosie Rushton, 12 books
Lucy Daniels, 12 books
Laurie McElroy, 11 books
Cullen Bunn, 11 books
Lynda Madaras, 11 books


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