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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Judy Katschke, 17 books
Melinda Metz, 14 books
Megan Stine, 12 books
Eliza Willard, 6 books
Heather Alexander, 5 books
Louise A. Gikow, 4 books
Alice Leonhardt, 3 books
Pauline Preiss, 2 books
Lisa Fiedler, 2 books
Damon Romine, 2 books
Louise Gikow, 2 books
Wendy Wax, 2 books
Carol Ellis, 2 books
Marilyn Kaye, 2 books
Jacqueline Carroll, 2 books
Deborah Perlberg, 2 books
Diana G. Gallagher, 1 book
Harrison, Emma., 1 book
Jacqueline Laks Gorman, 1 book
Elizabeth Kruger, 1 book
Bailey J. Russell, 1 book
Kathleen Tracy, 1 book
Mary-Kate Olsen, 1 book
Tamara L. Britton, 1 book
Cameron Dokey, 1 book


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