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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Susan Mallery, 50 books
Ann M. Martin, 40 books
Danielle Steel, 26 books
Sara Shepard, 23 books
Dorothy Edwards, 21 books
Luanne Rice, 17 books
Michael Buckley, 17 books
Ashley Olsen, 16 books
Louisa May Alcott, 16 books
Mary-Kate Olsen, 16 books
Jane Austen, 15 books
Sienna Mercer, 15 books
Kristin Hannah, 13 books
Maj Lindman, 13 books
Stephanie Perry Moore, 11 books
Nora Roberts, 11 books
Ann M. Martin, 11 books
Thea Stilton, 11 books
Carly Phillips, 10 books
Margaret McNamara, 10 books
V. C. Andrews, 9 books
Cathleen Schine, 9 books
Beverly Lewis, 9 books
Kiersten White, 9 books
E. M. Forster, 9 books


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