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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sandra Brown, 6 books
Bob Italia, 6 books
Melissa Walker, 5 books
Barbara Taylor Bradford, 4 books
Catherine Coulter, 4 books
Meg Cabot, 4 books
Candace Bushnell, 4 books
Tim Ewbank, 4 books
Suzanne Weyn, 4 books
Paris Hilton, 3 books
Carol Greene, 3 books
Nora Roberts, 3 books
Fern Michaels, 3 books
Judith Krantz, 3 books
Sarah Dessen, 3 books
Kim Alexis, 3 books
Abby Green, 3 books
Gross, Michael, 3 books
Murakami Haruki, 3 books
Robert Graysmith, 3 books
Wendy Lee Nentwig, 3 books
B. B. Calhoun, 3 books
Sandra Marton, 3 books
Jean Shrimpton, 3 books
James Patterson, 3 books


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