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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Potter, 9 books
Howard Dully, 8 books
Charles Fleming, 8 books
Gary Brozek, 6 books
Andrea Giovino, 6 books
Keith Zimmerman, 5 books
David Marion Wilkinson, 5 books
Casey Kuhlman, 5 books
H. Joaquin Jackson, 4 books
L. A. Abbott, 4 books
Kent Zimmerman, 4 books
Joe Layden, 4 books
Henry Ford, 4 books
Samuel Crowther, 4 books
Donald A. Davis, 4 books
Jerry Schilling, 4 books
Chuck Crisafulli, 4 books
Ken Abraham, 4 books
Rusty Fischer, 3 books
Ron Hall, 3 books
Frances Burney, 3 books
Edith Holden, 3 books
Paul Teutul, 3 books
Michael Teutul, 3 books
Tina Zahn, 3 books


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