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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James Hahn, 12 books
Lynn Hahn, 12 books
Howard Schroeder, 12 books
Curt Madison, 10 books
Howard Dully, 8 books
Charles Fleming, 8 books
Chad Millman, 7 books
Kent Zimmerman, 7 books
Keith Zimmerman, 7 books
Stafford Hildred, 7 books
Vince Papale, 7 books
Henry James Jr., 6 books
Gale Group, 6 books
Thomas Moore, 6 books
John Hay, 6 books
Samuel Crowther, 6 books
Casey Kuhlman, 6 books
Yvonne Yarber, 6 books
John G. Nicolay, 6 books
Tim Ewbank, 6 books
Edward A. Langhans, 5 books
André Maurois, 5 books
Steve Pileggi, 5 books
Jonathan Edwards, 5 books
George Jenkins, 5 books


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