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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bertrand Russell, 3 books
Lou Dubose, 3 books
Dudley Knowles, 3 books
Salem Press, 3 books
Francis Beckett, 3 books
Thomas Paine, 3 books
Marilyn W. Thompson, 2 books
Lucy Norton, 2 books
Heather Lehr Wagner, 2 books
David Hencke, 2 books
David Horowitz, 2 books
J. Martin, 2 books
Gerald F. Gaus, 2 books
Douglas J. Den Uyl, 2 books
Jonathan Allen, 2 books
Jack Bass, 2 books
Philip A. Roth, 2 books
James Moore, 2 books
Mo Yan, 2 books
Gareth Schott, 2 books
Amnesty International, 2 books
Ahmed S. Hashim, 2 books
Jeremy Valentine, 2 books
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 2 books
Thom Brooks, 2 books