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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Zuo jia chu ban she, Peking, 12 books
Kenneth Frampton, 7 books
Kristin Ramsdell, 6 books
Dejan Stojanović, 6 books
Steven Heller, 6 books
Winston S. Churchill, 5 books
Carlton Books, 5 books
Neil Barron, 5 books
Werner Blaser, 5 books
Dirk Meyhofer, 5 books
Wolfgang Amsoneit, 5 books
Philip Jodidio, 5 books
Ronald Hugh Morrieson, 5 books
Zhou, Yang, 4 books
Jorge Luis Borges, 4 books
Peter Eisenman, 4 books
Max Beloff, 4 books
Barry Turner, 4 books
Steve Humphries, 4 books
Paul Scott, 4 books
Thomas J. Schoenberg, 4 books
Judith Izen, 4 books
Ai, Qing, 3 books
Henri Pourrat, 3 books
Maksim Gorky, 3 books


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