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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Frank Lloyd Wright, 71 books
Carla Lind, 15 books
Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, 11 books
Kathryn Smith, 8 books
Donald Hoffmann, 7 books
Thomas A. Heinz, 7 books
Edgar Kaufmann, 5 books
Patrick Joseph Meehan, 5 books
Doreen Ehrlich, 4 books
Diane Maddex, 4 books
Robert McCarter, 4 books
Anthony Alofsin, 4 books
Jack Quinan, 3 books
Paul E. Sprague, 3 books
Blue Balliett, 3 books
Blake, Peter, 3 books
David Gebhard, 3 books
Iain Thomson, 3 books
Maria Costantino, 3 books
Henry J. Michel, 3 books
Henry-Russell Hitchcock, 3 books
H. Allen Brooks, 3 books
William Allin Storrer, 3 books
Edgar Tafel, 3 books
Leonard K. Eaton, 2 books


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