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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kenneth Frampton, 26 books
Charles Jencks, 26 books
Philip Jodidio, 26 books
Francisco Asensio Cerver, 22 books
Le Corbusier, 21 books
Dennis Sharp, 18 books
Frank Lloyd Wright, 16 books
Rem Koolhaas, 15 books
Jean-Louis Cohen, 14 books
Werner Blaser, 14 books
Udo Kultermann, 14 books
Heinrich Klotz, 14 books
Zaha Hadid, 13 books
Henry Russell Hitchcock, 12 books
Reyner Banham, 12 books
Walter Gropius, 11 books
Aaron Betsky, 11 books
A. Papadakēs, 11 books
Mario Botta, 10 books
Bruno Zevi, 10 books
Peter Cook, 10 books
Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani, 9 books
Yukio Futagawa, 9 books
Peter Eisenman, 9 books
Carles Broto, 9 books


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