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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Edward T. White, 11 books
James P. Cramer, 8 books
Wolfgang F. E. Preiser, 6 books
Donald P. Grant, 6 books
Paul F. Aubin, 5 books
Michael Hensel, 5 books
Christian Schittich, 5 books
Tom Porter, 5 books
Stephen Emmitt, 4 books
H. Edward Goldberg, 4 books
Ernest E. Burden, 4 books
Pat Guthrie, 4 books
David Kent Ballast, 4 books
Lars Spuybroek, 4 books
Fred A. Stitt, 4 books
Ashihara, Yoshinobu, 4 books
Santiago Calatrava, 4 books
Henry Sanoff, 4 books
Paul Coates, 4 books
Eddy Krygiel, 4 books
Paul Laseau, 4 books
Lay Christopher Fox, 3 books
Michael Stacey, 3 books
Karen A. Franck, 3 books
Alan Jefferis, 3 books


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