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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Elbert Hubbard, 16 books
Patrick O'Brian, 12 books
Simon Vance, 10 books
Curt Madison, 9 books
Robert Vaughan, 6 books
Jessica Stirling, 6 books
John H. Haaren, 5 books
Yvonne Yarber, 5 books
Jack Higgins, 5 books
James A. Huston, 4 books
Lucy Norton, 4 books
Bill H. Doyle, 4 books
Geraldine Brooks, 4 books
Robin Maxwell, 4 books
Yyonne Yarber, 4 books
A. B. Poland, 4 books
Carlos Diaz Martinez, 4 books
Bill Doyle, 4 books
Ángeles Mastretta, 4 books
Anne Marshall Huston, 4 books
Vaughan, Robert, 3 books
Joyce Gabriel, 3 books
Jack Cavanaugh, 3 books
William E. Butterworth III, 3 books
Samuel Scoville, 3 books