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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nigel G. Tranter, 13 books
Robert Vaughan, 9 books
Janet Rosenstock, 7 books
Mary Stewart, 5 books
Douglas C. Jones, 5 books
Nigel Tranter, 5 books
Adair Rosenstock, 5 books
Dennis Rosenstock, 5 books
James A. Huston, 4 books
Vaughan, Robert, 4 books
Carolyn Hale Bruce, 4 books
Pamela Oldfield, 4 books
Kerry Newcomb, 4 books
Charles Dillon, 4 books
Nicola Thorne, 4 books
Gillian Bradshaw, 4 books
William Russo, 4 books
Anne Marshall Huston, 4 books
Blaine M. Yorgason, 3 books
Dietrich, William, 3 books
Jake Thoene, 3 books
Derek Robinson, 3 books
Gregory, 3 books
Robin Maxwell, 3 books
Luke Thoene, 3 books


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