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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pamela Oldfield, 23 books
Duras, Marguerite., 20 books
Nigel G. Tranter, 14 books
Julie Ellis, 12 books
Joyce Stranger, 11 books
Nicola Thorne, 10 books
Teresa Crane, 9 books
Ray Benoit, 9 books
George Vomvoris, 9 books
Martin Ross, 8 books
Patricia Scanlan, 8 books
Angela Mackail Thirkell, 7 books
Jon Cleary, 7 books
Wilbur A. Smith, 7 books
Cleo Cordell, 7 books
Gordon, 7 books
Eden, Dorothy, 7 books
Ian Fleming, 7 books
Stirling, Jessica., 7 books
E. OE. Somerville, 7 books
Brock Thoene, 7 books
Margaret Bacon, 6 books
Vikram Seth, 6 books
John Patrick, 6 books
Marianne Fredriksson, 6 books


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