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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Iogann Gotfrid Gregori, 4 books
Tomie dePaola, 3 books
Kelly Pulley, 3 books
Salvador Espriu, 3 books
John Masefield, 2 books
Mark Andrew Olsen, 2 books
Tommy Tenney, 2 books
Trudy Morgan-Cole, 2 books
Dee Brestin, 2 books
H. Pereira Mendes, 2 books
Joan Wolf, 2 books
Jenny Koralek, 2 books
Tamar Alexander, 2 books
J. Gaume, 2 books
Bradley Booth, 2 books
Lydwine Saulnier-Pernuit, 2 books
Gini Andrews, 2 books
Marc Bochet, 1 book
Andreas Pfeilschmidt, 1 book
Norah Lofts, 1 book
René Jasinski, 1 book
Anne Adams, 1 book
John Brayshaw Kaye, 1 book
Taylor, William M., 1 book
J. Bentata, 1 book


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