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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William W. Johnstone, 182 books
Louis L'Amour, 129 books
J. A. Johnstone, 123 books
Max Brand [pseudonym], 118 books
Zane Grey, 77 books
Zane Grey, 74 books
Elmer Kelton, 61 books
Jon Sharpe, 57 books
Tabor Evans, 49 books
Jake Logan, 45 books
Richard S. Wheeler, 39 books
Terrell L. Bowers, 39 books
Peter Brandvold, 38 books
Matt Braun, 38 books
Loren D. Estleman, 38 books
Ralph Compton, 37 books
Louis L'Amour, 34 books
Ralph W. Cotton, 33 books
Johnny D. Boggs, 29 books
Van Holt, 28 books
Dusty Richards, 27 books
Jack R. Stanley, 26 books
Elmer Kelton, 25 books
William Johnstone, 24 books
Ralph Cotton, 21 books


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