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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gengsheng Bai, 50 books
Rick Walton, 28 books
Katy Hall, 28 books
Charles Keller, 25 books
Joseph Rosenbloom, 21 books
Mike Thaler, 19 books
Bathroom Readers' Institute, 18 books
Charles M. Schulz, 18 books
Louis Phillips, 16 books
Sam Schultz, 14 books
Michael Dahl, 14 books
David Lewman, 14 books
Viki Woodworth, 13 books
Des MacHale, 13 books
Joanne E. Bernstein, 13 books
Evan Esar, 12 books
Larry Wilde, 12 books
Holly Kowitt, 11 books
Gene Perret, 11 books
Jim Davis, 11 books
Jovial Bob Stine, 11 books
Matt Rissinger, 10 books
Diane L. Burns, 10 books
Bobbie Hamsa, 10 books
Rob Elliott, 9 books


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