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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sydney Omarr, 127 books
Margarete Beim, 106 books
Joseph Polansky, 102 books
Astrology World, 69 books
Trish MacGregor, 66 books
Dadhichi Toth, 54 books
Teri King, 53 books
Neil Somerville, 53 books
Carol Tonsing, 35 books
Michael Lutin, 32 books
Rick Levine, 31 books
Jeff Jawer, 24 books
Trish MacGregor, 22 books
Brenda Jackson, 21 books
Rob MacGregor, 17 books
Lori Reid, 15 books
Dadhichi, 15 books
Sydney Omarr, 14 books
Llewellyn Publications, 14 books
Patty Greenall, 14 books
Roger Elliot, 13 books
Monte Farber, 13 books
Amy Zerner, 13 books
Constellation, 12 books
John Astrop, 12 books


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