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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Cicero, 12 books
Juming Li, 11 books
Stephen L. Karcher, 8 books
Tjakraningrat Kangjeng Pangeran Harya, 7 books
Boli Cai, 7 books
Yuanjiang Li, 6 books
Xianzhang Li, 6 books
Weihua Shao, 6 books
Lily Chung, 5 books
Diana Ffarington Hook, 5 books
Hai feng chu ban she. Bian ji bu, 5 books
Alexander H. Leighton, 4 books
Henry Callaway, 4 books
Pennick, Nigel., 4 books
Stephen Karcher, 4 books
Yong Shao, 4 books
Xinyi Liu, 4 books
Pierre Mussard, 4 books
Guanyu Chen, 4 books
Hsing-ch'êng Chang, 4 books
Heming Bai, 4 books
Ziweiyang., 4 books
Raymond Bloch, 4 books
Xiong Yang, 4 books
Weixiong Kuang, 4 books


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