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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard Wilhelm, 4 books
Guy Damian-Knight, 3 books
Diana Ffarington Hook, 2 books
Hêng Hsü, 2 books
Shan-yü Chao, 2 books
Mao Qiling, 2 books
Pao-pa, 2 books
Chʻin-tʻing Hsü, 2 books
Hellmut Wilhelm, 2 books
Louis T. Culling, 1 book
James Legge, 1 book
Zhixu, 1 book
Judy Fox, 1 book
Lin, Li, 1 book
Joseph Murphy, 1 book
R. L. Wing, 1 book
Terrien de Lacouperie, 1 book
Emil Hugo Gräfe, 1 book
Hsi Chu, 1 book
Thomas Cleary, 1 book
Rowena Pattee, 1 book
W. A. Sherrill, 1 book
W. K. Chu, 1 book
Terry Miller, 1 book
Paul Sneddon, 1 book


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