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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Arthur Edward Waite, 18 books
Darcy Kuntz, 16 books
Eliphas Levi, 14 books
Lillian Too, 14 books
C. C. Zain, 13 books
Elbert Benjamine, 13 books
Margarete Beim, 12 books
Jennifer Too, 11 books
Judy Hall, 10 books
Edgar Cayce, 10 books
Abhedananda Swami, 10 books
Monte Farber, 10 books
Aleister Crowley, 10 books
Amy Zerner, 10 books
Pennick, Nigel., 9 books
Thomas Moore, 9 books
Karen Mahony, 9 books
Alex Ukolov, 9 books
Montague Summers, 9 books
Ralph Shirley, 8 books
Frank Homer Curtiss, 8 books
Hereward Carrington, 7 books
Patrick Smith, 7 books
Ralph Waldo Trine, 7 books
Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 7 books


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