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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
J. S. M. Ward, 20 books
Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 18 books
Abhedananda Swami, 11 books
Melville Rosyn Grant, 9 books
Wood, Ernest, 8 books
Ali Nomad, 7 books
Doug Powell, 7 books
Yael Powell, 7 books
Dale Larsen, 6 books
Charles W. Moore, 6 books
Iamblichus, 6 books
Alexander Wilder, 6 books
Sandy Larsen, 6 books
Robert R. Leichtman, 5 books
Carl Japikse, 5 books
Talbot Mundy, 5 books
Arthur Preuss, 5 books
John Bathurst Deane, 5 books
Emmanuel Rebold, 5 books
Alfred H. Henry, 5 books
Katherine Tingley, 5 books
Richard Jafolla, 5 books
George Winslow Plummer, 4 books
Mary-Alice Jafolla, 4 books
Henry T. Blackaby, 4 books