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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sun Tzu, 14 books
Wu, Rusong, 4 books
Pumin Huang, 4 books
Jiandong Wang, 3 books
Yuri Li, 3 books
Ling Li, 3 books
Gary Gagliardi, 3 books
Wei, Rulin., 2 books
Zhizhong Cai, 2 books
Donald G. Krause, 2 books
Jianzhong Li, 2 books
Xiqin Cai, 2 books
Michael I. Handel, 2 books
Mark McNeilly, 2 books
Dean Lundell, 2 books
Yaonan Chen, 2 books
Catherine Huang, 2 books
Tao, Hanzhang., 1 book
Chin, Shunshin, 1 book
Guo, Huaruo, 1 book
Wang, Shumiao., 1 book
Yang, Jie, 1 book
Lan, Tian., 1 book
Ozaki, Hotsuki, 1 book
Yan, Dingxian., 1 book


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