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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Napoleon Hill, 36 books
Donald Trump, 35 books
Brian Tracy, 18 books
Adam Lashinsky, 16 books
Kenji Hirogane, 14 books
Hall, Richard, 11 books
Robert T. Kiyosaki, 10 books
Dan S. Kennedy, 9 books
Koch, Richard, 9 books
Pam Scheunemann, 8 books
Clayton M. Christensen, 8 books
John C. Maxwell, 8 books
Adam Jolly, 8 books
Kazuo Inamori, 8 books
Seth Godin, 7 books
Michael E. Gerber, 7 books
Tyler Gregory Hicks, 7 books
Harvey Mackay, 7 books
Des Dearlove, 7 books
Richard Denny, 7 books
Grant Cardone, 7 books
Auren Uris, 7 books
Alex Rovira, 6 books
Joe Vitale, 6 books
Heller, Robert, 6 books


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