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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
E. L. James, 11 books
Nathan Aaseng, 9 books
Ben Mezrich, 8 books
Cherie D. Abbey, 7 books
Donald Trump, 7 books
Walter Isaacson, 7 books
Aravind Adiga, 6 books
Sam Walton, 6 books
Charles Dickens, 5 books
John Brooks, 5 books
Rachel Bridge, 5 books
Kevin Hillstrom, 5 books
Chu-yŏng Chŏng, 5 books
Richard Branson, 5 books
Karna Sakya, 5 books
Edward Twitchell Hall, 4 books
Richard Carlson, 4 books
Kazuo Inamori, 4 books
Steve Jobs, 4 books
Johannes Hirschmeier, 3 books
Susan Mallery, 3 books
Bill Bolton, 3 books
Northwood Institute., 3 books
L. Edmond Leipold, 3 books
Keith Elliot Greenberg, 3 books


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