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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Entrepreneur Press, 92 books
Jerre G. Lewis, 54 books
Jacquelyn Lynn, 34 books
Michael D. Jenkins, 19 books
Eileen Figure Sandlin, 18 books
PSI Research, 17 books
Oasis Press Editors, 16 books
Jonathan Reuvid, 15 books
Richard Mintzer, 15 books
Colin Barrow, 15 books
Sara Williams, 13 books
Cheryl Kimball, 12 books
Linda Pinson, 12 books
Dan Ramsey, 12 books
Peri Pakroo, 12 books
Entrepreneur Media, Inc, 11 books
Rob Adams, 10 books
Rhonda M. Abrams, 10 books
Bruce R. Barringer, 10 books
Steve Mariotti, 10 books
Douglas A. Gray, 10 books
Marsha Collier, 9 books
Rieva Lesonsky, 9 books
R. P. Oakey, 9 books
Japan. Keizai Sangyōshō, 9 books


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