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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stephen Fishman, 11 books
Edwards, Paul, 9 books
Barbara Brabec, 7 books
Dan Ramsey, 7 books
Kenn Oberrecht, 6 books
Georganne Fiumara, 6 books
Lisa Kanarek, 5 books
Denise Vivaldo, 5 books
Meg Mateo Ilasco, 4 books
Priscilla Y. Huff, 4 books
Owen E. Dell, 4 books
Russ Von Hoelscher, 4 books
Robert Spiegel, 4 books
Sylvia Landman, 4 books
Colin Barrow, 4 books
Lynie Arden, 4 books
Robert Hancock, 4 books
Jill S. Moran, 3 books
Coralee Smith Kern, 3 books
Gregory F. Kishel, 3 books
Tyler Gregory Hicks, 3 books
Phil Philcox, 3 books
Jan Melnik, 3 books
Richard Stim, 3 books
Tyler G. Hicks, 3 books


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