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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Susan Sweeney, 14 books
David Meerman Scott, 13 books
Miller, Michael, 9 books
Greg Holden, 8 books
Chris Brogan, 8 books
Marsha Collier, 7 books
Gary Vaynerchuk, 7 books
Dave Chaffey, 6 books
Jan Zimmerman, 6 books
Peter Kent, 6 books
Jay Conrad Levinson, 6 books
Shannon Belew, 6 books
Dennis L. Prince, 6 books
Damian Ryan, 6 books
United States, 5 books
Jim Sterne, 5 books
Bobby Owsinski, 5 books
Holly Berkley, 5 books
Kenneth C. Laudon, 5 books
Stephanie Diamond, 5 books
Herschell Gordon Lewis, 4 books
Judy Strauss, 4 books
Jerri L. Ledford, 4 books
Rick Levine, 4 books
Bud E. Smith, 4 books


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