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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Shiloh Walker, 6 books
Vicki Lewis Thompson, 5 books
Anna Kmet, 3 books
Susan Mallery, 3 books
Laurence Yep, 3 books
Jaci Burton, 3 books
Cat Johnson, 3 books
Sheila Roberts, 3 books
Pedro Pariona Mendoza, 3 books
J. A. Armitage, 3 books
Corinne Michaels, 3 books
Lori Wilde, 2 books
Kristan Higgins, 2 books
Gerry Bartlett, 2 books
Tite Kubo, 2 books
Molly Harper, 2 books
Jack Dey, 2 books
Julie Ann Walker, 2 books
Jennifer Ashley, 2 books
Annyssa Bellal, 1 book
Тамара Горіха Зерня, 1 book
Yangyouquan Ou, 1 book
Angie K. Love, 1 book
J. R. Ward, 1 book
María Alejandra Villamizar, 1 book