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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Clarissa Wild, 10 books
Yefim Gordon, 9 books
Corinne Michaels, 9 books
William Potter, 8 books
Colin S. Gray, 8 books
Stephen J. Cimbala, 7 books
David M. Glantz, 7 books
Dale Mayer, 7 books
E. Gordon, 7 books
Kaushik Roy, 6 books
Cat Johnson, 6 books
Jeremy Black, 5 books
Hew Strachan, 5 books
Jeremy Black, 5 books
Casey Wardynski, 5 books
Scott Gates, 5 books
John Keegan, 5 books
Dr. Stephen J. Blank, 5 books
Sven Biscop, 4 books
Ian V. Hogg, 4 books
United States Department of the Army, 4 books
Stephanie Tyler, 4 books
United States Marine Corps, 4 books
Sun Tzu, 4 books
Angelo Codevilla, 4 books