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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anthony J. Watts, 8 books
Yefim Gordon, 8 books
William Roy Crawford, 7 books
Ian Hogg, 7 books
U.S. Army, 6 books
L. Ann Crawford, 6 books
David Myhra, 6 books
Ann Caddell Crawford, 6 books
Bill Holder, 5 books
Rikyu Watanabe, 5 books
Charles R. Shrader, 4 books
Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton, 4 books
David Miller, 4 books
William Green, 4 books
T. Gander, 4 books
John M. Campbell, 4 books
Terry Gander, 4 books
Bill Sweetman, 4 books
Terry J. Gander, 3 books
Fred Funcken, 3 books
Donna Campbell, 3 books
Rene J. Francillon, 3 books
Sonayia Shepherd, 3 books
Hilary L. Doyle, 3 books
Don Greer, 3 books


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