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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Don Peppers, 14 books
Deborah Coonts, 9 books
Richard S. Gallagher, 7 books
Mike Snyder, 6 books
Frederick F. Reichheld, 6 books
Tom Wong, 5 books
McKean, John, 5 books
Jeffrey J. Fox, 5 books
Chip R. Bell, 5 books
Marc J. Wolenik, 5 books
Jill Griffin, 5 books
Jagdeep Kapoor, 4 books
Bryan Foss, 4 books
Martha Rogers, 4 books
Jeffrey H. Gitomer, 4 books
Bob Burg, 4 books
Jackie Huba, 4 books
Rick Levine, 4 books
Brian Solis, 4 books
V. Kumar, 4 books
Brian Halligan, 4 books
Merlin Stone, 4 books
Mark W. Johnston, 3 books
Shaun Smith, 3 books
Jeff Gee, 3 books


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